Application for Temporary Work Permit or Study Permit


Requirements for the Temporary Work or Study Permit


All applicants must submit the following:


  1. Duly filled and signed application form (TW-1/1) 

  2. Representation by Employer form (TW-1/2)

  3. Radiological Report form (TW-1/3) 

  4. Medical Certificate form (TW-1/4)

  5. Two (2) Passport size photos of applicant and accompanying spouse

  6. Highest Educational Qualifications and/or Certificates

  7. Previous Work Reference or Certificates of Service

  8. Police Clearance Certificate from Country of Origin (For applicants 18 and older)

  9. If married to a Namibian Citizen, Marriage Contract

  10. If position was advertised, a copy of Advertisement

  11. A letter from Namibian Company/Institution

  12. A letter from Company/Institution from which you are presently employed with

  13. Copy of valid Passport

  14. Deed of Surety application form (TW-1/5)



  • An official translator must translate all documents or certificates into English.

  • All forms must be duly filled (clearly and legibly).

  • Submission of incomplete requirements will result to delay in application.

  • All permits are subject to the approval of the Ministry of Home Affairs before entering Namibia; therefore applicants who acquired permits from the other Namibian Ministries or Institutions are still required to get an approval from the Ministry of Home Affairs for it to be acknowledged.


How long does it take?


In general the process takes 2 - 4 months. However, the speed at which your papers will be processed depends greatly on your ability to furnish the High Commission with all the proper documents. It is always recommended that you send your application material far in advance of when your need them and that you make copies of your records before sending them through the mail. All application forms must be sent directly to the Ministry of Home Affairs

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